Black bean spaghetti with garlic, tomato and thyme

August 4, 2017

Black bean spaghetti with garlic, tomato and thyme

August 4, 2017

I recently came across black bean spaghetti so I wanted to give my go-to spaghetti sauce recipe a whirl with this type of pasta. Black bean spaghetti is gluten free, vegan and I like to buy the organic version. It is also high protein and high fibre!! It is made from black beans and water so it’s perfect if you are following a plant based diet or if you are gluten free and miss those spaghetti days!

I added halloumi to my dish but if you are vegan it is just as tasty without!

You will need:

200g Black bean spaghetti

1 spring onion, sliced finely

3 sprigs of thyme, de-stalked

2 x garlic cloves, sliced finely

1- x cherry tomatoes chopped in half

zest of 1/2 a lemon

100g halloumi, cut into small cubes

rocket to serve

juice of 1/2 a lemon

olive oil

salt and pepper


  • Bring a medium pan of water to the boil.
  • Add in the spaghetti and reduce the heat to a simmer
  • Place a medium frying pan on a medium heat with some olive oil
  • Add in half of the spring onion, the thyme, garlic, zest and cherry tomatoes to the pan.
  • Keep on moving the pan to ensure the ingredients don’t catch, place to one side in another dish
  • Add in the halloumi to the hot pan with some oil and brown slightly
  • Place the tomato mixture back into the pan
  • Once cooked, drain the spaghetti and return to pan.
  • Add in the tomato mixture with the lemon juice
  • Stir in the rocket
  • Serve into bowls
  • Season to taste
  • Enjoy x x


  • This sauce is delicious with wheat pasta as well.

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