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    Vegetable, lentil and chickpea curry

    I know summer is coming but I still like to cook the occasional curry….also I like to make a big batch so that I can stock up my freezer for when I fancy the…

    October 19, 2016
  • Eat Health

    Why cheat days are important: my guide

    Hey friends 🙂 I wanted to mix it up a little bit and do a piece on ‘cheat days’ as the last post got me thinking about balance and adopting health as a lifestyle…

    October 12, 2016
  • Eat

    Kale and kiwi smoothie bowl – Slinkii

    As I’m sure you all know by now I love my smoothies and you can’t go past a delicious and nutritious smoothie bowl post-workout. If you are not a fan of kale you can…

    September 21, 2016
  • Eat

    the ultimate asian breakfast bowl

    Sometimes I wake up and crave something savoury, so this is my current go-to breakfast salad. I like it because it’s low carb and low sugar but still really satisfying! Lots of protein and…

    August 26, 2016
  • Eat

    hot smoked salmon kedgeree

    Kedgeree is something I have been  eating all of my life as my mum makes a really good version. Usually the fish is fresh smoked haddock poached in milk but I have had such…

    August 14, 2016
  • Eat

    Roasted Beetroot Hummus – Slinkii

    I just made the most delicious Roasted Beetroot hummus for the Slinkii blog. Topped with pomegranates this dip/spread/topping is to die for!! If you would like the recipe for this easy recipe please click, here. If…

    August 13, 2016