HBT / Compression

January 5, 2016

HBT / Compression

January 5, 2016

Wearing compression gear is something relatively new to me. I would always chuck on some old leggings none the wiser that my performance and recovery could be enhanced if I joined the compression bandwagon. Realistically it was the price that always put me off and seeing as its only in the last 12 months or so that I’ve become committed to my training I never really saw the need.

The aim of compression is to keep the muscles warm to prevent fatigue and muscle strain, and to wick sweat away from the body to prevent chafing and rashes. Compression is also said to enhance athletic performance, recovery and power.


I bought a new contender on the compression market Huegill Bodytech. I had been after some new gear to go running in and I really liked the plain, chic look that HBT had to offer.

HBT market their compression as ‘Elite Skin compression’, which has been designed around performance, science and technology. According to their website it features all black italian fabric that provides the highest grade of muscular compression, joint support and ultimate power panels focusing on key muscle groups.


I bought the Elite skin compression tights, the sportsbra and the gymbag (as I actually needed a new gym bag and liked this design). I’ve worn this set to the gym, for a number of runs and of course to brunch!


So here is my take on the gear: Firstly the fabric is really cool to the touch which I like and is stretchy enough to offer ‘compression’ but is not too tight that it becomes uncomfortable (I have tried some high end ‘compression gear’ which I could not wait to rip off after working out as it feels so restrictive and hot, this however is different).

I also like the fact that there are bonded hems and there is a tie around the waist…..again I’ve had other workout gear that actually feels like your circulation is getting cut off and is so uncomfortable. This doesn’t do that!



The sportsbra is made of a neoprene material which is great but it doesn’t offer any support. This is fine for me but if you need a bit of support this might not be the best option for you. I really like the design on the back and feel like the fabric is breathable.

The overall design is definitely sport luxe and its refreshing to find something all black that is good quality. As with all compression gear there is a price tag and its usually not cheap, HBT is priced around the average mark compared to other leading compression designers. Do I think its worth it? Definitely, if you are doing a lot of training such as running and cycling/spinning. I’ve had a clearout since I bought this set as I know I won’t go back to a lot of my old leggings now! If you are serious about training and want to look stylish at the same time I would most definitely recommend HBT.

You can buy HBT directly from the site here or from Stylerunner or ModeSportif

Happy Training!! xx

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