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I gave up being an ‘influencer’ and created the life I wanted

September 1, 2018
Health Lifestyle

I gave up being an ‘influencer’ and created the life I wanted

September 1, 2018

A few years ago I decided to start my Instagram page. It was a personal page showcasing my fitness and healthy food routine and to my surprise it generated some traction. I didn’t start it for this reason, it was actually a way for me ‘stick to the program’ whilst I was in my final year of law and trying my best not to hit the vodka every night amidst the stress of it all. I thought it would be a great way to create a community where we could support each other  to be healthy and happy – and it was successful with that.

Quite a few of my followers were asking me for recipes and fitness advice and Instagram was somewhat limited with this amount of content to a post so a year later I decided to start my blog. I had an utter nightmare trying to get it designed, the first design was awful, the second designer I found through a blogger whom I used to follow in the UK. The designer gave me an obvious copy of two designs she had already designed despite me asking for something unique and of ‘the same look and feel’ of what she had created previously (i.e – professional and polished). Seemingly, that was too hard for her so she gave me no design and decided to keep my money. Not with any reasoning despite me trying to hound her for months – she literally just ignored me and gave me no design or refund. By this point I was thinking, is this really worth it ?? I was planning on using it as a bit of fun whilst I was looking for work and it connected me to my family in the UK so that they could see what I was up to in Australia – it wasn’t like I was thinking this would become my ‘job’.

Anyway, I found a designer in Sydney who gave me a great design and did a speedy turnaround so that I could get my site up and running quickly. Just a few weeks after launching my blog I got a bit of a shock. I was happily still looking for work and filling the rest of my time creating content to beef up my site when all of a sudden this article went viral, which lead to this interview being had and winning this national competition. All of a sudden I was a health and fitness expert, a ‘meal prep queen’ no less –and I was featured here,  here and here in the short space of just a few months.

This was all amazing and for a short time I rode the wave and got invited to fitness events, took part in interviews and proudly worked as an ambassador for some of my favourite brands.

Whilst all of this was happening I sadly went through a very challenging break-up (which was a big distraction) AND social media as I knew it developed very quickly. I woke up to the dreaded algorithm change once too many times before I had to re-evaluate my position as an ‘influencer’ in this game. I mean not all of us are getting brand deals left right and centre and to be honest I just didn’t have the means to fund any more photographers, outfits, shoots, ingredients for ‘free’. My time is worth something, right ??

During my break up year I had become a PT so I could rely on this to pay my bills and build a health business in Sydney. Health and Fitness has always been my passion there is no doubt about that – I train every day and love it and creating healthy meals is where I am in my element. Coaching my clients and being given the opportunity to educate someone and see the positive change you can bring is SO rewarding and is not something I will be giving up any time soon.

The thing is something changed. Yes I am a believer in the universe and I was given these signs AGAIN and I’m not one to ignore a big smack in the face kinda sign. I had coincidentally gained quite a few PT clients who were lawyers, barristers, coaches, professionals and they all individually advised me to go back into Law. I just couldn’t see it. When I graduated the struggle with finding a job even a VOLUNTEER position was impossible and it left me so disheartened. The market was so saturated with law graduates that I decided to have a break and whilst my blog was taking off it seemed like perfect timing.

In light of the recent support from my clients I thought ‘why not’ I’ll have a look around and see if I can find something. I came across a law firm that interested me because of their involvement with IP, small businesses, creatives and start ups and also a broad range of practice areas that interested me. I sent an e-mail with my CV, Cover letter and so on and I heard back straight away. The firm were really interested in me and everything that I had been doing the past few years.

They saw huge potential in everything I have learnt with social media and were willing to also train me in the practice areas they have to offer. This will be such a change for me but a challenge I am so happy to take on! I’m not saying my blog is going anywhere, or my Instagram, or my health business. If anything I’m hoping these things will flourish and complement my work life.

I can’t wait to get stuck into my studies and work this year and I’m looking forward to building my business at the same time. I will be implementing some of my legal insights into my blog to see how that goes and I would love your feedback. I will keep it relevant to social media, influencers, small business and property. If you want me to write anything in particular please let me know 🙂

Kikki.K have an awesome ‘your dream life starts here’ planner and a dedicated ‘DREAM LIFE’ webpage with audio guides, podcasts and workshops here. I have been using it to really think about my goals, dreams and ambitions and what that all looks like for me moving forward. They recently sent me the planner as a gift and it couldn’t have been better timing.

Really excited about 2019! Lots of work ahead and I am SO ready for that. Hope you can join me for the ride and thank you so much for the support so far!!

SB xx

If you want to get your own Dream life planner click here.

Sophie Benbow

Hi, I'm Sophie. I work as a Health coach, Personal Trainer and Law graduate in a Law firm in Sydney. I spend my time coaching my clients face to face and online, I speak at events and in corporate environments on all topics of health, wellness and law. I create content especially for you on my blog and I have a special interest on providing advice for small businesses, creatives, influencers and start ups. I love what I do and I love connecting with you all, join the newsletter and let me help you with your business, health or both! SB x x

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