Mixed mushroom carbonara zoodles

July 9, 2016

Mixed mushroom carbonara zoodles

July 9, 2016

I’m having a moment with mixed mushrooms! The depth of flavour that you get from asian mushrooms is incredible! I topped this off with truffle oil and a creamy vegan sauce which worked SO well! I want to make this again ASAP it reminded me of a rich carbonara!!

Zoodles are great……you can be really inventive with your sauces and also stick to the classic ‘spaghetti’ recipes which always work! You can enjoy them hot or cold but personally I like to throw them in with the sauce for a few minutes and heat them through before serving!

You will need:

1-2 zucchini (courgette)

1 1/2 cups mixed mushrooms (could be any of the following: shiitake, shimeji, cremini, oyster, enoki, cloud ear and so on)

2 x sprigs rosemary

1 x large clove of garlic

1 x handful english spinach

2 tsp truffle oil

2 tbsp yoghurt (I use vegan coconut yoghurt)

salt and pepper

olive oil

serves 2


  • Spiralise your zucchini (courgette) and leave to one side.
  • Add some olive oil to a pan over a medium heat.
  • Add your garlic, rosemary and mixed mushrooms, sautΓ© for a few minutes until soft. Add a splash of water
  • Throw in your rosemary sprigs
  • Add in your yoghurt and reduce the heat.
  • Throw in your spinach and 2 tbsp water with 1 tsp of the truffle oil.
  • Add in your zoodles and stir the mix through for a few minutes.
  • Discard the rosemary sprigs and serve into dishes.
  • Top with the remaining truffle oil.
  • Feel free to grate some grana padano or parmigiano reggiano on the top
  • Season to taste
  • Enjoy x x

If you have any feedback on this recipe or any of my recipes please let me know in the comments below x xΒ 

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