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    Is trampolining a good workout? Skyzone

    As part of my Bonds ambassadorship I was asked to take part in a few ‘unusual’ ways to stay fit! One of the classes I went to was skyfit at the trampolining centre skyzone in Sydney. Skyfit…

    July 12, 2016
  • Recipes

    curried red lentil soup

    Lentil soup is such a massive hug in a bowl and perfect for this time of year when the weather is changing. Lentils are awesome as they contain a high amount of fibre and…

    April 12, 2016
  • Recipes

    apple do-nots

    Snack time is always the most dangerous time for me. Give me a bag of potato chips I’ll eat the whole lot, chocolate biscuits? Umm….yes please! So I’ve tried to find ways to always…

    April 6, 2016
  • Recipes

    Breakfast crunch

    This is basically a sweet version of my salad topper it’s so easy and handy to throw on top of fresh fruit, yoghurt, oats, smoothies, smoothie bowls and so on. I normally just use what I…

    January 22, 2016
  • Recipes

    Home-made Hummus

    I almost didn’t post this as my first ‘recipe’ as it’s so easy to make! But then I suppose I really want to share with you how eating healthy can be so easy, cost-effective,…

    November 19, 2015
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