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About is a personal site operated by me, Sophie. I created this site so that I can reach everyday people and give them what it takes to live a well-informed life in the areas of health, wellness and relationships.

Showing you ways to make healthy, positive and easy ways to live your best life is why I am here….I am especially passionate about sharing tips and tools to get back on track after a relationship break down and/or divorce having been through my own marriage break down a few years ago.

A bit of background:

Near the end of 2014 I started to record my fitness progress and healthy recipes through social media as a way to motivate myself to ‘stick to the program’. I had just finished my Law degree and I couldn’t find work. I started my blog as a hobby and a way for my family in the UK to see what I was up to. When I launched my blog the universe couldn’t have given me any more signs to follow this path – it was such a whirlwind and not what I expected at all. Weird things happened very suddenly like this article going viral, this interviewbeing had and winning this national competition. All of a sudden I was a health and fitness expert – something I had only ever dreamed of being labelled and I was featured here,  hereand here to name but a few.

This was all amazing and near the end of 2016 I had seen an opportunity to travel to Bhutan with a group of 20 people involved in mindfulness – it was called ‘the slow change experience‘. I got accepted into the program and I underwent a ‘spiritual’ transformation whilst I was in Bhutan. I met so many amazing and inspiring people and without knowing it this was the start of something that changed my life.

When I turned to mindfulness and meditation something happened. It sounds cheesy but I started noticing the beautiful city I live in, the smell of the ocean, that strangers smile, the access to the amazing produce we have here in Australia even though I was going through a challenging time personally. So, in 2017 I decided to get certified as a mindfulness and meditation teacher.

These tools have helped me during my marriage break down and I owe it to this knowledge that I’ve been able to get back on track. Any type of break up or separation can be difficult which is why I feel passionate about helping people in this area.

At the end of 2018, I had a bittersweet opportunity to go back to finish my studies in Law. For so long, I had said Law wasn’t for me and I had convinced myself that I would never work in Law again. The thing is this was an opportunity I couldn’t refuse as it ticked all the boxes for me in terms of merging my studies with my passions.

Every day I wake up with gratitude and a full heart. I want you to leave feeling like “I can do it all!!’…because guess what ?? You can!

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I am a qualified cert III and IV personal trainer, health coach, meditation & mindfulness teacher and healthy recipe creator who has worked in food styling and food photography.

I am a speaker in areas of health, wellness, business and social media.

I am available for events and content producing. Please go to the contact page for more information.

I have completed Matthew Kenney Plant-Based Chef Level 1 course and have extensive knowledge on plant-based food. I am available for cooking demonstrations in the plant-based space.


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