SophieBenbow.com is a personal site operated by me, Sophie. I created this blog so that I can reach everyday people and give them what it takes to live a healthy, happy life with my guidance, expertise and support.

My purpose in life is to give back to my community (you guys) and I want to be real and authentic in achieving that. We are all busy, so showing you ways to make healthy, positive and easy ways to live your best life is why I am here. I will share with you my own personal experiences, which will help you feel positive, uplifted and supported in. I will also share with you my own exercise tips (I’m a qualified PT), healthy eating regime (I’m a healthy food addict) and mindfulness practices (I’m a meditation and mindfulness teacher). As an aside adopting meditation and mindfulness into my life potentially saved my life and had such an impact on me personally – this is a massive driving factor for why I want to share this with you and help you with your own journey of self discovery and self love.

My little space is a place of non-judgment, kindness and curiosity. A place to learn, grow and develop as an independent person, learning to feel safe with your uniqueness, your seperateness and your vulnerability. I want to strip you down so that you can start all over again and feel AMAZING!!

A bit of background:

Near the end of 2014 I started to record my fitness progress and healthy recipes through social media as a way to motivate myself to ‘stick to the program’. I had just finished my Law degree and I couldn’t find work. I started my blog as a hobby and a way for my family in the UK to see what I was up to. When I launched my blog the universe couldn’t have given me any more signs to follow this path – it was such a whirlwind and not what I expected at all. Weird things happened very suddenly like this article going viral, this interview being had and winning this national competition. All of a sudden I was a heath and fitness expert – something I had only ever dreamed of being labelled and I was featured here,Β  here and here to name but a few.Β 

This was all amazing but myΒ  personal life was in ruins. I had seen an awesome opportunity to travel to Bhutan with a group of 20 people involved in mindfulness – it was called ‘the slow change experience‘. I got accepted onto the program and I underwent a ‘spiritual’ transformation whilst I was in Bhutan. I met so many amazing and inspiring people and without knowing it this was the start of something that changed my life.

At the beginning of 2017 I went through a rough patch, I had no career, no finances and I felt scared, vulnerable and alone. Nothing could have prepared me for the emotional turmoil ahead and to make things worse my family were the other side of the world and I got injured so I couldn’t exercise. I turned to meditation to help me through this tough time and I felt so passionate about it that I completed my mindfulness and meditation teacher course. 2017 was most definitely the hardest year of my life emotionally, I went through periods of self loathing, destruction and unhealthy practices (such as excessive drinking, binge eating and negative thinking). There were times where I thought ‘I can’t go on’, times where I thought ‘I don’t have what it takes’ even times were I thought ‘this is all too hard‘.

When I turned to mindfulness and meditation something happened. It sounds cheesy but I started noticing the beautiful city I live in, the smell of the ocean, that strangers smile, the access to the amazing produce we have here in Australia even though my life was falling apart. I started eating better, I got over my injury and back into exercise and I kept on practicing mindfulness and meditation. It wasn’t easy, it was damn hard….there were days where I wanted to stay in bed and eat cookies but I didn’t. I got up at 5am and went training instead, I got busy ‘being healthy’, I meditated and read as many books as I could about meditation and mindfulness – this is what saved me and gave me the confidence to keep going!

Every day I wake up with gratitude and a full heart. Re-building my life has been so emotional and it’s still a work in progress………..BUT I remind myself to enjoy where I am right now, the present moment. I want to share with you what I have learnt and for you guys to do the same back. I want to create a community that we all feel safe and secure in!

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