Mango and coconut chia pudding

April 10, 2018

Mango and coconut chia pudding

April 10, 2018

Chia Pudding is something you HAVE to add to your repertoire, it is so easy to make! It’s just chia seeds, nut milk and then leave it overnight….I mean, seriously?! You can get creative with what you add into your milk (like I did here) or you can keep it plain and add delicious toppings (or you can do both of course!).

I made a mango almond milk first and then added this to the chia seeds but you could use the same principle with berries/banana/cacao/matcha.

You will need:

2-4 cups of almond milk

1/2 tsp vanilla powder

1  fresh mango

1tbsp nut butter

1 tbsp. dessicated coconut or flakes

2-4 tbsp of chia seeds


Coconut yoghurt

Bee pollen (optional)


Coconut flakes


  • Add your almond milk, vanilla powder and half a mango to a high speed blender and blend. I use my favourite: Vitamix
  • Add your chia seeds to the bowls, place a quarter of the remaining mango flesh in the bowls and top with the milk.
  • Stir and leave for at least an hour. I like to leave it overnight but after an hour you can try it for taste and see if you need to add more chia seeds etc.
  • Top with coconut yoghurt, the remaining quarter of fresh mango flesh, nuts and seeds
  • Enjoy x x
Sophie Benbow

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