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If you are time poor and can’t get around to #mealprep this is for you

September 6, 2018

If you are time poor and can’t get around to #mealprep this is for you

September 6, 2018

You know how I feel about meal prep. It’s something I am dedicated to and live by! However……I am only human and sometimes things do just get too busy! Recently I moved house, Henri had unexpected surgery and I left my job to pursue my health and wellness business. I have barely unpacked my kitchen so contemplating meal prep and healthy food had kind of gone out the window.

I knew what the answer was…..Eat Fit Food!! If you have followed me for a while you will have seen that I have used Eat Fit Food many times before and I love the quality of the fresh food and healthy menu choices. I have tried many meal delivery services but Eat Fit Food is the only one I would go back to and use regularly as it fits in with my lifestyle perfectly. I reached out to them recently and they told me all about their new website and new EFF lifestyle Club πŸ™‚


EFF Lifestyle Club Β is an affordable recurring subscription service that allows you to set, forget and nourish yourselves weekly with delicious fresh food straight from the EFF kitchen delivered straight to your door.

Dietary requirement ?? No problem… can choose from:

Anti-Inflammatory (Pescatarian)
Balanced Plate
Green Goodness (Vegetarian)
Powered By Plants (Vegan)

There is also a great casual and flexible option ordering from the A La Carte menu.

My Experience

You get the delivery sent straight to your house in a very chic cooler bag. I had ordered three days of vegetarian food including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. When you order again you just pop your used cooler bag outside which then gets replaced with a new bag full of fresh food.

The meals are sealed in airtight containers and stay fresh for a few days. They are easy to heat up in a microwave or on a stove top/oven. These are the perfect meals to take to work so if you find this is where you are slipping up with your healthy choices this would be great for you!!

I received the most delicious snack options too which is something I really struggle with when I am not prepared. I had the spicy carrot dip with rice crackers, a selection of three different juices, pumpkin, poppy seed and lemon bread and an immune booster elixir (see below).

I have pictured the pea patties and vegan lasagne above and they were both so delicious. The beetroot dip that came with the patties was a great accompaniment and the vegan lasagne was probably my favourite dish. As you know, I try to eat an 80% plant based diet but often I struggle to find really nice vegan food (especially take away or meal delivery) – but the cashew bΓ©chamel was so creamy and the salad added a really nice freshness with a gorgeous dressing.

I loved all the meals provided and this is definitely something I will order again! It was nice to see that Eat Fit Food have maintained their excellent standard and quality as I would say it’s been a few years since I ordered them last time.

If you are on a calorie controlled diet or you like to see the macro breakdown of your food they also provide a nutritional breakdown for you on request

Highly recommended x x xΒ 


An example of their weekly menu plus my choices:

Sophie is a true advocate for health and wellbeing. She aims to educate and share her knowledge in the realms of healthy eating, fitness and eco-friendly living. Sophie is qualified in various health and fitness disciplines and has a personal passion for Mindfulness and Happiness. She is also a qualified lawyer with an interest in Human Rights and Environmental Law.

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