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first base…

February 19, 2016

first base…

February 19, 2016



SB008STYLE FILE. xx Its so easy to wear something knowing it is created just down the road at Bondi Beach. ‘This is first base’ is an iconic Sydney brand fusing simple pieces with a sports luxe, edgy feel! They create all the things I love, think relaxed, comfy but fashionable all at the same time! I love this easy dress that I can pull off with my Adidas Superstar UP’s and feel relatively put together and ‘on-trend’ as I cruise around Sydney! This is a great find for me as I really struggle with everyday fashion………I find it easy to get glammed up or on the flip side be uber casual in trackies or activewear but it’s is not always appropriate for those times you are meeting friends or being out and about. I actually need to work on my everyday wardrobe, especially now winter is coming (my favourite time for fashion!).

I think style evolution is really interesting, when I look back on my teenage photos I often say ‘what was I thinking’ with those boho flares and platform boots but then I guess thats what its all about, it moulds and shapes the way we perceive fashion and gives us an opportunity to push the boundaries. I have always enjoyed experimenting with my personal style (of course I made a few mistakes along the way, as we all do!), but the excitement of new trends and wearing clothes that you can express yourself in is what it’s always been about for me.

How do you express yourself with fashion?

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Wearing: This is First Base dress | Belt Scanlan & Theodore, similar here | Adidas Superstar UP from style runner | Bag Dylan Kain | Sunglasses Sunday Somewhere Photography Peter Hollmann

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