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Health Recipes

my food story

November 18, 2015
Health Recipes

my food story

November 18, 2015

I wanted to give you a brief insight into my healthy food journey before I start posting recipes…….

First things first I am most definitely not a chef, but I have found passion in cooking delicious healthy food and seeing my body and mind change as a result. My kitchen is a ‘happy place’ of mine and I cherish being able to make healthy meals and feel good from within.

I hope I can share with you some of my favourite creations that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home without having a chefs apprenticeship under your belt. I really want to stress that I am all about simple, easy and of course tasty home cooking that is not intimidating in the slightest.

Where it all started

My food story began when I was seven, I was rather a fussy eater and decided that I did not want to eat meat anymore but settled on eating fish as a compromise with my parents. I spent hours upon hours with my mum searching for new recipes that we could create together now that I had a new diet (and I was the awkward one in the family!!). From here my love of food and healthy eating grew and my awareness for health has only gotten stronger in my adult life, especially since moving to Australia 6 years ago.

All of my recipes are Pescatarian/Vegetarian/Vegan….if I’m posting a Pescatarian recipe I’ll try and offer a Vegetarian/vegan alternative (if possible!)

Please let me know if you need any more information about recipes or my healthy food journey!

Sophie is a true advocate for health and wellbeing. She aims to educate and share her knowledge in the realms of healthy eating, fitness and eco-friendly living. Sophie is qualified in various health and fitness disciplines and has a personal passion for Mindfulness and Happiness. She is also a qualified lawyer with an interest in Human Rights and Environmental Law.

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