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Top tips to help you feel confident in your bikini and rock your summer bod’: Westfield #jointhefrontline

December 1, 2016
Health Mind Press Style

Top tips to help you feel confident in your bikini and rock your summer bod’: Westfield #jointhefrontline

December 1, 2016

Sponsored by Westfield

I’m sure you’ve gathered by now that I’m a big fan of summer….however, this has not always been the case. When I first moved to Australia I was so self conscious bearing my body in pretty much underwear on the beach or even wearing shorts filled me with dread. Yes, I know it comes across that I am forever flaunting myself on the beach with no care in the world but it couldn’t be further from the truth. I have areas of my body that I will always think ‘need a bit more work’ I have so many stretch marks from my fluctuating weight as a teenager and as I’m getting older I’m noticing things aren’t necessarily as ‘perky’ as they once were.

SO… are a few things that I’ve learnt about my own body, my mindset and my inner confidence when it comes to the bikini unveil..I hope you find them useful and you know that even though someone may come across as confident they most probably have the same insecurities as you…we are all in this together no matter what shape and size we all are.

  1. Accept yourself: In my twenties I had a MASSIVE hang up about my stretch marks…I have them all over my legs, bum and hips…I have gone through litres of Bio Oil but they aren’t going anywhere. As I’ve gotten older I’ve just learnt to accept them. Yes they are a reminder of my unhealthier teenage phase…but this was a time where I learnt a lesson and I came out stronger. You might have stretch marks/scars/sagging skin from positive things like pregnancy or more negative things stemming from depression/disorders or anxiety. Whatever they may be notice them and feel confident that you are most definitely not in the minority and each mark has a story to tell whether it be good or bad.

YOU are still here to tell the story which is the main thing and regardless of the past, present or future YOU are number one…..remember this when you are concerned what others may think of you, your confidence comes from within and it will radiate from you if you can celebrate your life, your body, your mindset and your health. Remembering not to judge and to treat other people the way that you want to be treated is also a healthy, positive approach to life as we never know anyone’s true story until we spend time to get to know them. We all have stories, we have all made mistakes, we all have hang-ups but the best thing we can do is embrace one-another, (especially as women), learn from one another, try not to judge and be confident with who we truly are as valued members of this awesome planet.



Wearing: Tigerliliy bikini top and bottoms | Le Specs Sunglasses from Glue Store

  1. Prepare: If you know that summer is just around the corner or you are planning a holiday do a bit of prep work. I like to add an extra day of training or increase my training sessions slightly. Also I like to plan my meals for a few weeks in advance. For me, I know that bread, pasta, broccoli and pulses make me bloated so I’ll limit these foods and stick to more leafy greens, yoghurt and plant based options.




Wearing Tigerlily Bikini top | Tigerlily shorts, similar, here | Adidas stan smiths from Glue Store

  1. Swimsuit tailoring: I have gone through lots of different swimsuit styles depending on my body shape. Ironically I prefer a skimpier bikini as I feel the bigger/shorty style kini’s make me look bigger all over and do nothing for me. Spend a good amount of time trying on different styles and figuring out what looks best on you. Take your close friend or partner and ask their advice. Also this is a good opportunity to start feeling more confident exposing your summer bod to others.



Wearing: Mink Pink Dress | Glitz and Glam sunglasses, both from Glue Store

  1. Body beautiful: I’m not a huge fan of baking myself in the sun..BUT I love a spray tan and I feel more confident with my body when I’m a bit darker. Before you do this make sure you have a good exfoliation session to remove any dead skin, dry patches and to make your skin look healthy and hydrated. Also, I recently treated myself to a mani and pedi to get my feet nice and smooth and my cuticles in tip top condition.




Wearing Mink Pink sunglasses from Glue Store | Tigerlily cover up

  1. Hair: I try and make my hair as big as possible in the summer months (it’s an endless quest!!), I just find that using a sea salt spray or a curling iron to give me beachy waves will bring attention to this area of my body and create a more balanced look.
  1. Train the ‘tude: As an extension of number. 1 remember to have fun and embrace your new inner confidence (even if it’s a work in progress). Hold your head high and think about the way you carry your body…learning good posture techniques will not only help you look awesome in your bikini it does wonders for your confidence. Learn a few ‘power poses’  to help with this. My personal favourite is the wonder woman pose.




Wearing: Tigerlily bikini top and bottoms | Tigerlily pants

  1. Presence: Enjoy the here and now. Appreciate your surroundings and the people you are with. Remember that you are beautiful and we are living in a beautiful world.

Love Sophie x x

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