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how to tone up for summer – barre body

November 1, 2016

how to tone up for summer – barre body

November 1, 2016











If you’ve been following my Instagram you will know that I have been doing Barre on and off for quite some time now! I LOVE Barre and I have noticed amazing improvements in my muscle tone especially in my problem areas (bum, thighs and hips!!) so it’s perfect for the pre-summer bikini unveil which I’m sure many of us are facing soon!

Barre Body is a complete body workout fusing ballet barre conditioning, yoga and pilates. I am lucky enough to attend Barre Body in Sydney (how amazing is this studio? OMG!) but they also have studio’s in Melbourne and Brisbane. I am not a professional dancer or yoga expert but I feel completely comfortable taking Barre classes so if you are an absolute beginner to these disciplines it will be perfect for you.

I have just started to attend 3-4 classes per week in preparation for bikini season along with my running which is 2-4 times per week at the moment. I find the classes are really fun and exhilarating and once you get past the ‘Barre burn’ the time passes really quickly and you leave feeling refreshed, energised and ready to tackle the world again!

About the classes:

Signature Barre Body, Barre Moves, Barre Cardio, Barre Tone and Barre Fit classes are designed to tone your entire body, creating longer, leaner muscles. Ballet & pilates exercises at the barre and on the mat tone your muscles, while complementary yoga postures lengthen and shape your muscles (think long & lean like a ballet dancer!)
The interval training format (raising and lowering the heart rate) means that you get fast results, fat burning is increased and your metabolism is boosted for hours after your workout.

I find I like to do a mix of different classes to take different benefits from each class and to keep it varied. I could easily fall into doing ‘Barre Cardio’ all the time but I really find pushing myself to attend the classes I am least comfortable with (like signature Barre Body) are helping me improve my technique and step outside my comfort zone (so important!).

Teacher Training:

If you have got the ‘Barre bug’ (like me!) Barre Body now offer a comprehensive teacher training program which will equip you to teach the barre style of exercise in an in-depth and considered manner. They offer the training in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and they have even started offering training in BALI (oh…so tempted!). You can find out more about the teacher training, here.


I love Barre!!

To find out more about their memberships, click here and if you’re not sure if Barre is for you they have an awesome introductory offer ($50 for two weeks unlimited classes)

If you would like to find out more about my Barre experience or you have any comments or feedback of your own please do not hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below x x x

Wearing: Slinkii

Photography: Aristo Risi

Location: Barre Body Sydney CBD


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