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Health Recipes

Meal Prep 101 – Utensils

July 30, 2016
Health Recipes

Meal Prep 101 – Utensils

July 30, 2016



By now you will know that I LOVE my kitchen and its actually a place I feel like I can relax and switch off! I spend hours upon hours creating and trying out new recipes and working out ‘easy’ ways  of doing things! Hence the reason I thought it would be really useful for you guys to see what I use on a daily basis and what I could not live without in my healthy happy place!

I have put this under my ‘meal prep’ series as these are definitely things I would recommend you buy for ‘meal prepping’. However, they are also just good things to have in your healthy kitchen whether meal prepping or not!

What I could not live without:


  1. Vitamix

Since launching my blog I have had the amazing opportunity to work with Vitamix and I feel so unbelievably grateful to be associated with one of my favourite brands! I DO NOT want you to think this post is sponsored, it’s not! I have been using my Vitamix for over 18 months and it is my NUMBER ONE thing you should buy if you are wanting to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Yes, you can buy other blenders but the solid quality of this machine is amazing and won’t let you down! I know the price tag is somewhat sickening but if you feel like its something you would use every day then it’s definitely worth it and I can honestly say I would be lost without this in my kitchen!

I have two machines:

  • the Professional series which is so robust and you can do anything in this machine. Smoothies, protein balls, chopping, blending soup, hummus, dips, ice….the list goes on. Really worth the extra money if you think you will be making smoothies and a whole lot more!
  • the Personal Blender..I LOVE this machine as well. It’s small and compact but does not have the same power as the professional series and its a lot smaller. It does however, have a removable blade base and you can switch the jug with bottles so you can just blend and go. This is really handy and would be awesome for someone who will be using it predominantly for smoothies/juices/milks and so on.


2. Kitchen Aid Pro Line Dicing Food Processor

For everything that your Vitamix can’t do this guy can do! Think: dicing, slicing, shredding, chopping, mixing and kneading. Of course you don’t need to go and get this exact one but a good food processor will cut your prep time down dramatically and make your work load less (particularly useful on meal prep day when you’ve got lots to get through!).


3. Spiralizer

OMG….go and buy one of these NOW! This costs around $50 and is a must if you are gluten-free or trying to substitute for pasta or noodles. Also you can get quite creative with these and make desserts, rosti, salads and not just zoodles (although zoodles are my favourite!).


4. A good set of Mixing bowls

All of the salads I make from cos lettuce, quinoa, roasted vegetables, rice, fresh, tabbouleh etc…..these are essential! I really love these ones because they have lids as well!


5. Good quality non-stick pans

I have gone through dozens of pans and Calphalon are by far my favourite! When they say they are non-stick they really are non-stick (which is a rarity!). I don’t like using a tonne of oil so non-stick is definitely the way to go and I have been over the moon with this brand…they will not let you down!


6. Steamer

I think this one cost around $60 which is AMAZING value! I have steamed so much in here and it cooks your veggies or fish really well! (I’m not sure about meat sorry!!)

Steamed food can get a bit boring I know but I got quite experimental when I was steaming a lot, so I’ll make sure I post a few of my tasty ‘steamed’ recipes soon! You’ll be surprised what you can create!



7. Containers and storage jars

I tend to store most of my tasty treats in glass jars or mason jars but its a good idea to have a solid backup of tupperware containers as well, especially if you are meal prepping.

I use snap-ware containers which I love and you can get them in plastic or glass. I have a good haul of plastic containers but I will probably end up buying the glass ones too as they are so useful! Especially if you are the type of person that always takes their home-made treats with you when you’re on the go…like me 🙂


8. Healthy gadgets

  • measuring spoons – essential for when you are making all of my recipes!
  • fine grater – i use this for ginger and zesting citrus
  • egg perfect timer – for $10 this little gadget makes sure you get the perfect boiled egg whether you like it soft, hard or medium! I love this thing!
  • single and julienne peeler – constantly peeling vegetables such as carrots and sweet potatoes and if you don’t feel like getting the spiralizer out I always julienne my carrots on top of salads with the awesome julienne peeler.
  • nut Milk bag – so important for all of the yummy nut milks you’ll be making and you can juice with these guys too!
  • thermometer – handy if you are steaming chicken in your steamer (and you can use it for fish as well!)
  • pretty straws for all of those yummy smoothies, nut milks and juices you’ll be making!
  • snap lock bags – so handy for storing things in the fridge/freezer or when you’re on the go and want to take a handful of your trail mix in your handbag!


  • citrus juicer – I actually go through these which I find hard to believe! I use them so much for my hot water and lemon and salad dressings along with heaps of other things! This is one little gadget I could NOT do without!
  • apple corer – so handy for all of your apple slices
  • measuring cups – also something i  could not live without! This is what I rely on when I am making my own recipes and also when I’m following other peoples recipes! These are a MUST!
  • coconut opener – for all of the amazing fresh young coconuts you’ll be drinking! (I’ve got a fresh coconut in the fridge and I can’t stop thinking about it……so yummy to have with my breakfast or to use in a smoothie!)
  • avocado slicer – great for slicing and scooping out the flesh from an avocado! I LOVE AVOCADO!
  • scales – so important for meal prep and essential if you are trying to lose weight. Measuring out your food gives you accuracy in your portion control.

These are most of the things I use on high rotation for my ‘healthy life’. It goes without saying that a good knife setchopping boardpan-set and basic tools are all essential too!

I hope you have found this useful, oh and if you have anything else to add please let me know I’d love to hear what you couldn’t live without in your healthy kitchen!

Next on my list is…………….a food dehydrator

Enjoy x x


Sophie is a true advocate for health and wellbeing. She aims to educate and share her knowledge in the realms of healthy eating, fitness and eco-friendly living. Sophie is qualified in various health and fitness disciplines and has a personal passion for Mindfulness and Happiness. She is also a qualified lawyer with an interest in Human Rights and Environmental Law.

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