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Run Free

November 19, 2015

Run Free

November 19, 2015

Running is something I’ve had a love hate relationship with over the years. I was always put in the cross country team at school but I think those blisteringly cold training sessions coupled with the slipping and sliding in what only can be described as one constant mud bath was enough to turn any teenager off. I definitely had more of a preference for sprinting and interval training but nonetheless both helped develop my running style at quite a young age.


I carried on running into my adult life but very intermittently and it’s only in the last 2 years or so that I’ve really started to enjoy running as a form of stress-relief and ‘me’ time. I had gotten stuck in a rut of just thrashing it out on the treadmill whilst at the gym with more of a means to an end attitude (which does work)…….but it was when I started going ‘jogging’ over the harbour bridge, that I started to see running in a different light. It became part of my routine and I really started to see the beauty in running as a means to explore the beautiful city that I live in as well as give myself some time to switch off.

To my surprise it had become a form of stress relief for me…….near the end of my degree I wondered how I would get it all finished and amidst the insanity of it all running definitely created balance in my life.


Wearing: Oiselle tights and Pink top || Team Jaggad singlet || Nike lunar3

Of course, running is an awesome way of training to get results and to lose weight but for me it is so much more and most definitely my go-to exercise when I want to ‘relax’… weird as that sounds. I have my training schedule, which involves three runs a week all at different paces and goals. I most definitely look forward to my distance run the most so that I can plan where I’m going to go and what I am going to see.


Sophie is a true advocate for health and wellbeing. She aims to educate and share her knowledge in the realms of healthy eating, fitness and eco-friendly living. Sophie is qualified in various health and fitness disciplines and has a personal passion for Mindfulness and Happiness. She is also a qualified lawyer with an interest in Human Rights and Environmental Law.

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