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Acai Smoothie bowl

January 25, 2016

Acai Smoothie bowl

January 25, 2016

You can’t go wrong with a good smoothie bowl! I love making this when its roasting hot and I’ve just got back from my run! I find it so hydrating with the coconut water and satisfying….its like dessert for breakfast really!!

I like to use the Amazonia smoothie blocks and I throw some of my breakfast crunch on top….so good!!

You will need

the flesh of 1 mango

4 big pieces of watermelon

1 block of amazonia frozen acai

1 cup of coconut flakes

2-4 big blocks of ice

1tbsp cacao

150ml of coconut water

Any fresh fruit for decorating (strawberries, blueberries, figs)



Place all of the ingredients except the decorating fruit and breakfast crunch in a blender.

Blend until smooth.

Check consistency, modify if necessary.

Decorate with the fruit and breakfast crunch

Enjoy x x

You can also watch this on my youtube channel, here

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